• Revenue Task Force

    Revenue Task Force

    The task force will work to find ways to fund valued and essential community services.

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  • Shaping Salem's Future

    Shaping Salem's Future

    We put a lot of time and thought into strategies and plans for Salem's future. People and their cities are ever-changing.

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  • Environmental Stewardship

    Environmental Stewardship

    Salem protects natural resources, including healthy streams and the Willamette River, and works to reduce impact from the built environment and City operations on our environment.

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  • Good Governance

    Good Governance

    Salem is governed to be fiscally sustainable, provide quality services equitably across our community, proactively engage all residents, be forward thinking and build capacity and partnerships to prepare for the future

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  • Safe, Reliable & Efficient Infrastructure

    Safe, Reliable & Efficient Infrastructure

    Salem provides an integrated municipal system of utilities, streets, bridges, sidewalks, civic buildings and technology.

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  • Safe Community

    Safe Community

    Salem provides emergency services working to address the impact of crime, fire, natural disasters, and health emergencies to residents, businesses, and property owners.

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  • Strong and Diverse Economy

    Strong and Diverse Economy

    Salem supports a diverse economic base, robust job growth, business retention and recruitment, and a thriving downtown

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  • Welcome and Livable Community

    Welcome and Livable Community

    Salem works toward a safe and well-maintained City with a mix of quality housing for all residents featuring access to parks, recreation, historic and cultural resources, and the arts.

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  • clear pitcher and glass of water in front of window

    Understanding PFAS

    Awareness of PFAS chemicals is increasing. Learn what Salem is doing about this emerging issue.

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  • Home Spotlight 2024 02 28

    Come Join Us!

    Become part of your Neighborhood Association and let your voice be heard in neighborhood and community business.

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