History of Oregon: The Search for Eden

Lifelong Learning Event

Oregon’s fascinating history will be presented in a 2-part PowerPoint presentation, loaded with pictures and maps over two classes.

The nine basic divisions of Oregon history will be discussed along with five different themes woven into the narrative:

The European/ Indigenous relationship,

The urban/rural divide,

Progressivism vs conservatism,

Race relations,

And the transition from an extractive/natural resource-based economy to the new digital/high tech economy.

Time will be allotted at the end of the classes for input and discussion of the five themes. A handout will outline the five themes so that class members can gather their thoughts about each theme. When the class is finished it is our hope that you will have a greater appreciation for, and have greater insight into, how Oregon became what it is today.

Two Class Dates: Tuesdays, April 16 and 23

Class time: 10am - 12:30pm

Class fee: $7

Register online or at the Connection Center.