Amanda Sitter
Volunteer Coordinator
Public Works Department

Volunteer to Paint a Fire Hydrant

freshly-painted-fire-hydrant_web_1600x1067_colorThere is plenty of painting to go around for anyone interested in this volunteer opportunity.

Fire hydrants are a critical resource for our community. Most people only give fire hydrants a passing glance, but each hydrant is color-coded to give firefighters critical information, minimizing response times in an emergency.

Paint a Fire Hydrant

City-owned fire hydrants is an important volunteer project and works well for individuals, families, and organizations. Volunteers should contact the Volunteer Coordinator a week or more in advance to choose the neighborhood, the number of volunteers, and the date and time that they will pick up supplies for the project.

All fire hydrants in Salem must be painted yellow. Supplies are provided by City of Salem Parks and can be kept by the volunteer group until the project is completed. Leftover supplies and a map marked with the painted hydrants must be returned to the City of Salem Parks office. Each hydrant takes about 20 minutes to paint.