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MAY 21, 2024 Primary Election Information

Qualifying Candidates for the 2024 May 21st Primary Election

FOR MAYOR - 2-year Term

Chris Hoy
Julie Hoy

FOR COUNCILOR - WARD 1 - 4-year Term

Celine Coleman
Paul Tigan

FOR COUNCILOR – WARD 3 - 4-year Term

Nathan Soltz
Shane Matthews

FOR COUNCILOR - WARD 5 - 4-year Term

Michael Hoselton
Irvin M Brown Ed.D.

FOR COUNCILOR - WARD 7 - 4-year Term

Vanessa Nordyke

Current Candidate Filings for Mayor and City Councilor

Last day to file a Candidate's Statement for inclusion in the Voter's Pamphlet with Marion County Elections:  March 25, 2024 by 5:00 p.m.  

Elected City positions

The elected officials of the City are the Mayor, eight City Councilors, and the Municipal Judge. The Mayor and City Councilors develop and make decisions on policies that direct the operation of the City, which are implemented by the City Manager.  The Municipal Judge presides over the Municipal Court which has authority over all offenses punishable by City of Salem ordinances, all violations, and all traffic offenses excluding felony traffic crimes.

Candidate requirements include:

Elected office Term Residence requirements Additional qualifications

Mayor (unpaid volunteer position)

2 years Live within the city limits 12 months prior to election

Registered voter

Not a current employee

City Councilor (unpaid volunteer position) 4 years Live within the city ward candidate seeks to represent 12 months prior to election

Registered voter

Not a current employee

Municipal Judge 4 years United States citizen and a resident of Salem for 12 months prior to election At least 21 years of age and an active member in good standing with the Oregon State Bar


Find a Ward (Map)

The City Charter contains more details about the elected positions. More information is available in the Salem Revised Code about Elections and Ethics for Public Officials.

Become a candidate

The Salem City Recorder serves as the City’s Elections Official and administers elections of City candidates and measures.

The Secretary of State’s Election Division oversees statewide elections and administers state requirements for local elections. Their website contains information regarding running for office, and forms and filing deadlines for candidates and City measures. Helpful resources include:

Withdraw from an election

To withdraw as a candidate, complete and file Form SEL 150: Candidacy Filing Withdrawal with the City Recorder no later than the date prescribed on the form.

Candidate signs

Before displaying signs or distributing handbills for an upcoming election, review the City’s regulations regarding signs. Political signs are considered "temporary signs" in the Salem Sign Code. Such signs must meet the standards specified in Salem Revised Code Chapter 900.

Obtain permission from the property owner or resident prior to placing political advertisement signs on private property.

Adhering to the sign code will make your campaign more effective, lessen criticism of your signs, and maintain the neat and attractive appearance of our community. For more information about the sign code, contact Planning Services.

Information regarding temporary sign regulations for candidate signs in 2024

Additional information

What is a city ward?
A city ward is a designated district of the city used for political purposes.

What ward do I live in?
Residents can use this interactive ward map to determine the ward in which they live.

Am I a registered voter?
Voter registration is managed by the county. Please search the Marion County voter register or contact the Polk County Clerk’s Office to obtain further information.