The City of Salem, Oregon, Fire Department is a progressive and innovative, all-hazard response agency that has been trained to mitigate emergencies involving fire, hazardous materials, and technical rescue (including rope rescue, water, confined space building collapse, and trench rescue). Emergency medical services and medical response are also a fundamental responsibility of the Salem Fire Department, and providers respond to a wide variety of medical calls, ranging from minor medical assistance to life-threatening events.

Mission Statement

Protecting lives, property, and the environment placing safety and service above all.


The Salem Fire Department will:

  • Provide excellent customer service and exceed the expectations of the people we serve, both internally and externally.
  • Be responsive to the changing needs of our customers.
  • Be an organization of highly trained and motivated professionals.
  • Be proactive in planning for our community’s future.
  • Be an organization highly respected by our peers.


All members working together to achieve the mission

Always doing what is right for our customers and our team. We are committed to honest, ethical behavior and hold ourselves accountable to these values.

Delivering service through professionalism and respect. Striving to be the best for our customers and team members.

Health and Safety
We believe health and safety are essential to fulfilling our mission. We are committed to providing quality health and safety programs to ensure operational readiness and personal well-being.