Trade Permits

Trade permits include Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire permits. Some permits can be issued after a completeness check while others require plan review. When you apply online, the system will notify you if your permit needs plan review.

Step 1: Prepare

Initial file uploads

Make sure your documents meet the following standards:

  • Saved in PDF format that can be edited.

  • All pages of building plans should be in a single file.

  • All pages should be rotated to be viewable.

  • Files should not be secured.

  • Files should not contain digital signatures. Engineers and architects should send files containing a computer-generated image of seal with handwritten signature. Salem cannot accept files that are digitally signed as the final approved plans are combined into one file.

  • Saved with the correct file names.
    • File names should describe the document, e.g., Mechanical Plans, Electrical Plans, Electrical Specifications.
    • Limit the number of characters in the file name to 35 characters or less– abbreviations are acceptable.
    • Do not include special characters (&, %, #, etc.) in the file name.

  • Include the information listed on the applicable checklist for the work you are doing:

Secondary Drawing and Document Uploads

Files that have been revised or added and need to be uploaded during the review process have a slightly different naming convention. Any plan file submitted after the initial uploads is considered a secondary file.

If plan review comments result in revised sheets:

  • The entire discipline file set should be uploaded.

  • Verify that all changes are clouded on the plans with a revision delta and the revision recorded in the revision block, as applicable.

  • The revised set should be named the same as the original files with a -SEC and a number appended to the end of the file name.

  • Ex. First revised set file name to end with -SEC-01. Second revised set file name to end with -SEC-02 and so forth.

  • If a file is uploaded with the same name as the original, it will overwrite the existing file without a prompt. The file will be deleted and need to be re-uploaded.

Revisions to Issued Permits

Changes made to the approved work which require plan review are processed as a separate project by submitting a revised plans submittal form and emailing it to for processing.