Find or Build a Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries are small, cabinet-sized libraries. Everyone is welcome to take or leave a book. These have been popping up all over the world since 2009. New ones are showing up in Salem all the time.

Little Free Libraries are about connecting with your neighbors and sharing common interests. The design of each library reflects the unique personality of the people who use and care for it.

Connect with Little Free Library Stewards in Salem

Find a Little Free Library                      Blue little free library.

You can find a registered Little Free Library:

  1. Open the Little Free Library map.
  2. Enter your search criteria.

Building a Little Free Library in Your Neighborhood

Standards for Little Free Libraries within the City of Salem

  • Placed in front yard behind sidewalk
  • 48" tall maximum
  • 10' from any driveway or alley
  • 50' from any street corners
  • Must be sound and secure
  • Adjacent street parking available
  • Use caution digging near streets/sidewalks. Call 811 or visit
  • If your home/neighborhood is historic, call 503-540-2397.

Get Help for Your Building Project
Find libraries all over the world and about learn what it takes to build and maintain new ones at Little Free Library, the world's largest book-sharing movement.