Land Use & Zoning

Zoning classifications in the Salem Revised Code determine how you can use and develop property. The land use process refers to the steps you take to have your building and land development plans reviewed and approved by the City. Your land use process may be as simple as filling out an application and having it reviewed by City staff. It may also involve public notice and hearings and reviews by the Salem Planning Commission or the City Council.

You can view active Land Use Applications on the Salem Land Use Map, or through the Permit Application Center (PAC) portal. All documents associated with current, and recent past, land use applications are available to the public free of charge through the PAC portal where you can search by permit number or address. If you can’t find what you are looking for, email the planners desk at Land use decisions and files are generally provided electronically for free. Difficult to locate or time-consuming requests may require a Public Records Request. Printed copies can be provided for a fee.