What is GIS?

GIS refers to a geographic information system and creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data that can be helpful in identifying and responding to any issue or topic. Organizations use GIS systems in almost every field and use the data collection to build a clearer picture and communicate and share information to solve complex problems.

GIS in the City of Salem

Data plays a key role in City decision-making and improves transparency, accountability, and customer service. Data can also be used to examine opportunities, identify challenges, and create solutions. 

The Salem GIS division provides support for effective communication with the public. Salem GIS is focused on transparency, data integrity, and location intelligence.


DataSalem: Open Data Portal

DataSalem is an online open data solution used for providing the Community with access to research and information . Open data can be used to contribute to public planning, or provide feedback on City services. Explore the Salem community through data and maps.


Data Maps offer a wide range of information about the City of Salem's priority service categories including:

  • Community
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Governance
  • Public Safety

The dozens of data maps on the DataSalem website allow users to visually interpret data, and understand where zoning, planning and infrastructure improvements are under way, the natural landscape of our community, where private investment is taking place, how the City of Salem has developed through history.


Explore Salem’s interactive map stories about how the community, our neighborhoods, and technology can bring education and insight into the city solutions.