Capital Canine Club
1410 20th St. SE
Building 2
Salem, OR 97302

Become a Capital Canine Club Member

You and your pooch can “pawsitively” make a difference in keeping local neighborhoods and streams clean.

How You Can Help

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Pick up after your pet, every time.

  1. See it
  2. Scoop it
  3. Toss it in the trash (not the yard waste bin or compost pile)

Leaving pet waste on the ground, even for a little while, can harm waterways when it rains.

Why It Makes a Positive Difference

Pet waste on the ground is no different than raw sewage. It contains E. coli bacteria and parasites that can create health problems for both pets and people. E. coli bacteria levels in the Willamette River and local creeks exceed levels recommended by the water quality standard. When we do not pick up after our pets, the waste and its associated bacteria can be washed into local waterways, polluting our streams. People can be affected by bacteria in water when engaging in water recreation activities such as swimming, wading, or water skiing.

Picking up after your pet creates a better environment for fish and wildlife. When pet waste decays in the water, it takes away oxygen that is vital to the fish and other animals living in the stream.

Small Scoop Equals Big Impact

Though it may seem like a small matter to leave your pet’s droppings on the ground, it all piles up. Marion County Dog Services estimates there is a population of 75,000 canines in Marion County. Each dog generates an average of 0.75 pounds of waste, for a grand total of 56,250 pounds of poop a day. That equals over 20 million pounds in one year.

Become a Member—Pledge to Scoop

It’s easy to become one of more than 350 Capital Canine Club members. Pledge to pick up after your pet and receive a free, personal mutt-mitt dispenser while supplies last. Just fill out this quick member registration form.

About This Initiative

The Capital Canine Club program is sponsored by the City of Salem, the City of Keizer, and Marion County.