Heather Dimke
Climate Action Plan Manager
555 Liberty St. SE
Room 325
Salem, OR 97301


The City of Salem Climate Action Plan (CAP) includes 183 strategies to increase the community's resilience to climate change and to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Salem. 

On October 12, 2020, City Council adopted two goals Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Salem:

  • By 2035, GHG Salem emissions shall be reduced to 50 percent of the citywide greenhouse gas emissions for the baseline year of 2016, and
  • By 2050, Salem should be carbon neutral.

For 18 months, City staff worked with a consulting firm, a 41-member Task Force , and received input from multiple stakeholders and Salem residents to produce the final Climate Action Plan. This plan was accepted by City Council in February of 2022.  A CAP Committee convenes monthly to review early implementation efforts under this new plan.

Thank you CAP Task Force and Salem residents for your feedback on Salem's Climate Action Plan!

Recommended Strategies for Early Implementation
Climate Action Plan Committee
Who Was Involved With Plan Development

The final draft of the CAP included minor changes from a preliminary draft published in October of 2021. Some changes were based on public comment, some were editorial, and some were due to new information (such as the GHG Forecasts in Chapter 7, which were revised with new data from NW Natural). We have prepared a summary of changes that occurred between versions.

On December 6, the final draft of the plan was presented to City Council, along with strategy recommendations for early implementation and public comments received to date. Since that time, City Council had the opportunity to review the plan and at least 500 additional comments that were received.