Learn About City of Salem Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is the Judicial Branch of City of Salem government. The Municipal Court judges misdemeanor, violation, and parking cases arising from municipal ordinances, state statutes, and miscellaneous matters as provided by ordinance.


As a separate arm of City government, our mission is to provide fair and accessible justice services that protect the rights of individuals, preserve a safe and livable community and inspire public confidence.


To serve the enduring goal of fair and impartial justice through innovation and education, and by empowering individual and community solutions.


  1. Improve public access to justice
  2. Provide quality and timely dispute resolution/adjudication
  3. Increase public trust and confidence
  4. Demonstrate accountability and promote compliance
  5. Enhance judicial administration
  6. Collaborate with Justice System partners and stakeholders


  • PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE – We will demonstrate integrity, ethical conduct and teamwork in all our operations.
  • VALUING PEOPLE – We will appreciate one another's differences, recognize our individual and collective skills, knowledge, and abilities and respect the unique backgrounds, strengths and understanding that we bring to the organization.
  • OPEN COMMUNICATIONS– Community Involvement – Stakeholders – We will listen to one another's opinions and concerns, through open communication with our justice system partners and the community. We encourage greater collaboration to improve accountability and public safety, the quality of life and fairness in our justice system.
  • INDEPENDENCE, IMPARTIALITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY– We will recognize the court's unique role as a neutral, independent guardian of the laws and rights of our people, community, state and country. We will prudently manage the court's resources to meet these obligations.