Apply for a Vacation of Public Right-of-Way

What is a Vacation of Public Right-of-way?

A right-of-way is a type of easement that allows public access to a portion of private property. Vacating a right-of-way returns the public's interest to the property owner(s).

Steps to Vacate a Right-of-way

  1. Because of the complex nature of vacation proceedings, it is suggested you work with a private attorney to prepare the vacation petition.  It is also recommended that you first confer with the Public Works department.
  2. Complete petition  Private Petition for the Vacation of Public Right-of-way. 
  3. Submit the completed petition to the Public Works Department, Room 325, Civic Center.
  4. Public Works staff verify that petition requirements are met and will assist with any needed changes.
  5. Hold a public hearing before City Council.
  6. If the vacation is approved, City Council adopts an ordinance to grant the vacation.

Petition Requirements

  1. Legal description of property
  2. Tax map
  3. Title report
  4. Signatures of affected property owners
  5. Description of the proposed use of the area to be vacated
  6. Reasons for the vacation