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File Naming Standards for Land Use Applications

Using a consistent file name simplifies the review process. Each document should be uploaded as a separate PDF.

The City of Salem’s naming standard for land use applications includes the following:

  • A short description of the type of document as indicated in the guidelines below.

Note: Make sure you do not use commas, # signs or other symbols in your file names. Our system will not upload those files correctly.

Not all documents are applicable to every application, please see the application checklist for the documents required for your submittal.

General Application Documents

CASE TYPE Application (Example: Subdivision Application)
Ownership information
Title Report
Written Statement
Property Line Adjustment Deeds
LLC Member List
Other* (Describe document, e.g., easements)

Plans and Elevations

Site Plan or Tentative Plan
Existing Conditions Plan
Utility Plan(s)
Landscaping Plan(s)
Building Elevations
Tree Plan(s)
Other (Describe document, e.g., open space plan, future development plan)


Trip Generation Estimate Form
Traffic Impact Analysis
Transportation Planning Rule Analysis
Stormwater Management Report
Geological-Assessment or Geotechnical Report
Other (Describe Document)

Other Submittal Documents

Expedited Land Division Form
Approved Subdivision Name
Neighborhood Association Contact


Use REV01, REV02, REV03 etc. after file name and description as the process indicator when you are uploading revised documents.

Examples for Revision Documents

REV01 Deeds
REV01 Site Plan
REV01 Traffic Impact Analysis
REV01 Approved Subdivision Name