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Learn About Blight to Bright Program

Map of Properties in the Blight to Bright Program

The Blight to Bright program, started in 2018, uses existing staff and financial resources to remove the most dangerous and/or persistent issues of blight. "Blight" issues are those things that bring down property values, harm public health, safety and welfare and create potential liability. Examples include dangerous and derelict properties or those with large amounts of trash, junk, and debris.

The program focuses on the removal of blight, which includes recreational vehicles in addition to structures and junk. Public dangers can be removed and, where possible, new development can occur. After a site is cleared of its blight, planning and economic development staff will determine the highest and best use for the site.

The first step in resolving these issues is the City's Code Compliance Staff who investigate and identify necessary corrections.

When owners are uncooperative, the City has the option of hiring contractors to remove junk and debris and/or demolish structures. The City places a lien on the property for the cost of these efforts which is paid back to the City when the property is sold.

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