Apply for a Temporary Use Permit to Operate a Managed Temporary Village

A temporary use permit is required prior to creating a storage yard for construction material when the storage yard is located on a property other than the construction site. A construction storage yard is a storage area for construction supplies, materials, and/or equipment, located on a site other than the construction site itself, for use only during the actual construction of a project.

The temporary use permit is a Type I land use decision under the Salem Revised Code (SRC) Chapter 300.


  • Application. You must submit all required items listed in the application checklist section below to the Permit Application Center Portal.
  • Completeness review. Staff reviews application for completeness. If the application is not complete, you will be notified as to what information is missing and will have 180 days to submit the additional information. You may track the status of your application online at the City of Salem permit tracking webpage.
  • Conformance review. Once a complete application is submitted, staff reviews the applicant’s proDesignposed plan for conformance with the applicable criteria for a temporary use permit under SRC 701.020. If staff cannot approve the application, you will be contacted with the reasons the plan does not comply.
  • Decision. The Planning Administrator issues a decision to approve or deny the application based upon whether the proposal meets the applicable criteria.
  • Building Permit. Once the temporary use permit is approved, you can apply for your building permit for the placement of the modular.

Application Checklist

  • Completed land use application form. The application form must be signed by the applicant(s), property owner(s) and/or duly authorized representative(s). If the applicant and/or property owner is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), please also provide a list of all members of the LLC with your land use application. The land use form will be generated for you when you submit through the Permit Application Center Portal. You will be required to sign the application that is created and upload the signed form.
  • Application fee. You must pay the application fee when you file your application.
  • Proof of ownership. You must submit proof of ownership such as deeds or a preliminary title report.
  • Site plan. The site plan must include the following:
  • The location of the proposed temporary construction storage yard in relation to the construction site it will serve.
  • Restoration plan. If the placement of the construction storage would disturb a landscaped or undeveloped site, the restoration plan shall demonstrate how the site will be restored to its previous condition when the materials are removed.
  • Written Statement. You must provide a written statement describing the proposal and how it conforms to the following approval criteria in SRC 701.020(c).