Development Fees

Site Development Fees

Plan review and permit fees for most building site work and subdivision projects are collected through an area-based site development fee. The fee is calculated based on each 0.1 acre of developed area and is collected separately at the time of plan review application and permit issuance.

Plan review phase fees

During the plan review phase of the permitting process a site development plan review fee is charged to cover all expenses related to infrastructure and site work plan review during the land use application and construction plan review phases of the project.

Construction phase fees

  • Site development permit fee—includes most Public Works expenses during construction, including but not limited to inspection, traffic control, water meter installation, wastewater taps, and other construction-related costs. In unusual situations, other individual Public Works fees may apply to a project that are not covered by the site development fee.

A detailed listing of site development fees is available in the current Fee Schedule.

System Development Charges (SDC)

Systems Development Charges (SDC) are a financing mechanism for funding of Parks, Transportation, Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater systems that are needed to serve new developments. SDCs are collected from developers at the time of building permit issuance based on the relative impacts of each project and are used to pay for construction of new public infrastructure. 

The City Council adopts the systems development charge fee structure and policies each fiscal year. For a detailed listing of system development charges, you can review the systems development charges worksheet 

SDC Methodology Overview

An SDC methodology determines the relative impacts of each development project to the infrastructure systems serving the project so that SDCs are collected equitably. The methodology is summarized by the equation below:

Growth graphic for SDC methodology report

SDCs are collected from developers and then used to pay for infrastructure facilities City-wide. The methodology establishes fee amounts to be collected from each individual development project to ensure that adequate funds are available to provide the public infrastructure needed in developing areas.

Eligible Projects List (309 List)

Under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 223.309, the City is required to prepare a list of projects that are to be funded with SDCs. The list of projects is commonly referred to as the “309 List.” Only projects on the 309 Lists can be funded with SDCs. However, the 309 Lists can be amended at any time by City Council to add or remove projects or make other modifications. As development patterns change, the 309 Lists are customarily modified to ensure that infrastructure needed to serve new developments is eligible for SDC expenditures. The current list of approved 309 List projects is available below.

System Development Charge Eligible Projects (309 Lists)

Document Date
309 List - Parks 3/5/2024
309 List - Stormwater 3/5/2024
309 List - Transportation 4/7/2022
309 List - Wastewater 4/7/2022
309 List - Water 4/7/2022

SDC Methodology Report

The City's current SDC methodology was generated through a nearly two-year process involving a seven-member SDC Methodology Committee of interested stakeholders. The committee included two City councilors, a member of the Planning Commission, a member of the Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and three other citizen stakeholders. A team of City staff and consultants performed the analysis needed to complete the methodology.

Key Features of the 2019 SDC Methodology

Fairview Development District

On June 13, 2005, the City Council adopted an order approving the establishment of the Fairview Development District encompassing approximately 275 acres of property between Pringle Road SE, Battle Creek Road SE, Reed Road SE, and Strong Road SE. Development projects within the Fairview Development District are required to pay Development District Fees (DDFs) in lieu of SDCs. The District process includes publication of a Project List to determine which improvements are eligible for funding by DDFs.

Current Fairview Development District Eligible Projects List