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File a Complaint about Building Construction

Construction projects can sometimes create challenges between you and the people you hire or between you and your neighbors. Your first step should be to talk with the person about the problem before filing a formal complaint.

If you decide to make a formal complaint, you may need to work with more than one agency. Most licensing agencies have specific guidelines about the types of complaints they will investigate and the process they will use. Your complaint may become a public record.

Work Performed without a Permit

If you suspect someone is working without a permit when one is required, you can report the activity.

Violation of City Code

If you have a concern about zoning code violations, property maintenance, or other City requirements, you can file a report with the Code Compliance Department.

Faulty or Incomplete Contractor Work

If you think a licensed contractor has failed to do the promised work or has completed the work improperly, you can file a complaint with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (OCCB) as follows:

  • Get the contractor's CCB license number. If the contractor does not have a CCB number, he or she is not licensed and you should contact an attorney.
  • Notify the contractor by certified mail that you intend to file a complaint with the OCCB.
  • Wait 30 days after you mail the notice to file the complaint.
  • File a complaint with the OCCB.

Work Performed by Unlicensed Tradesman

You can complain to the Oregon Building Codes Division about safety code violations related to work being done by unlicensed electricians, plumbers, boilermakers, elevator contractors, and manufactured structure installers.

Violation of Architecture Law

You can file a complaint with the Oregon State Board of Architect Examiners office if you believe that the Oregon architecture law has been broken. To resolve a disagreement about your contract with an architect, you will need to contact an attorney.

Violation of State Laws by Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Filing a complaint with the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying (OSBEELS) opens an investigation against a professional engineer, land surveyor or photogrammetric mapping professional.