East Lancaster Neighborhood Association (ELNA)

Established in 1979, the East Lancaster Neighborhood Association (ELNA) is one of the 17 recognized neighborhood associations in the city of Salem, Oregon. ELNA’s boundaries include all annexed land within the city limits south of Center Street. This includes Greencrest Ave and the property at the corner of State and Cordon Roads to Auburn Road. Everyone who lives, works, or owns property within the boundaries of the ELNA is a member. And it's free to join! Whether you have a concern about issues in the neighborhood, or would like to share your skills and ideas, ELNA is here to get you connected.

The board is always open to new members, stop in and visit during their next monthly meeting and learn what they are up to. Did you know that ELNA is one of the most diverse communities in Salem? Home to several new and long established cultural eateries, shops and community agencies help make ELNA a special place to visit and connect with community partners. The neighborhood is growing considerably so check out their coverage map to see if you are in ELNA, if you are, you are already a member.

ELNA logo.