Speak at a Neighborhood Association Meeting

Untitled designIf you want to share information at a neighborhood association meeting, you must contact the Chair to request time on the agenda. Neighborhood associations are independent groups who set their own project priorities. If you have trouble contacting the Chair, contact the Neighborhood Services staff for assistance.

The neighborhood association Chair sets the meeting agenda. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Topic of your presentation
  • Desired meeting date
  • Amount of time requested

If you want to present to more than one neighborhood association, you must contact each neighborhood association Chair.

While agendas are prepared continuously, it is best to make contact as soon as possible to allow for time on the meeting agenda. As with each monthly meeting agenda, annual meeting agendas are planned several weeks in advance.

Once your presentation on the agenda has been approved, please send the following information to the Neighborhood Services staff to ensure the latest agenda has been submitted:

  • Your name and presentation topic
  • The neighborhood association name(s) at which you are presenting
  • The meeting date(s)

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