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Salem’s neighborhood associations give you a voice in your local neighborhood and the City as a whole. Although Salem neighborhood associations are recognized by and receive staff support from the City, they are self-directed. Each association sets its own agenda and determines its own course of action. Neighborhood associations have legal standing in all land use matters within their boundaries and are asked by the City and other jurisdictions to comment on a variety of matters important to the community. Everyone is welcome to attend their neighborhood meeting and be part of a team currently working on improving your community.

Neighborhood association volunteers make a difference by:

  • Providing information to decision makers
  • Working on neighborhood projects
  • Promoting the livability and community building of the neighborhood
  • Acting as a communication link between the City and other citizens

The City assists neighborhood associations with their goals through the help of Neighborhood Services staff. Sign up for your neighborhood association's monthly newsletter to stay up to date on meeting dates and agendas. 

Find Your Association

  • In the Search field below, type your address, e.g. 555 Liberty Street SE, Salem, OR, 97301.
  • Press the <Enter> key or click the magnifying glass icon in the Search field.
  • Click the property address on the map to display the neighborhood association information.

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Salem Neighborhood Associations

If you want to speak at a neighborhood association meeting, contact the Chair.