Meetings are held the second Thursday, 6:30 p.m. See the calendar for specific dates and meeting location.

If you want to speak at a neighborhood association meeting, contact the Chair.


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Highland Neighborhood Association

Highland Neighborhood Association (HNA) is a mature, urbanized area located close to the city’s center. It borders the Willamette River and is 785 acres. The neighborhood is home to several specialized schools and the City's popular community park, River Road Park.

While HNA is recognized by and receives staff support from the City, it is self-directed. The officers of the Board are elected by the membership. If you live, work, or own property in the Highland Neighborhood boundaries, you are automatically a member. Join us in making your neighborhood a better place to live.

HNA neighbors are dedicated to strengthening our community by focusing on increasing neighborhood safety, livability, and creating projects that beautify our common spaces. Get involved to help keep Highland beautiful. There are wonderful things happening in our neighborhood, we are working with City staff to become a registered historical neighborhood. Sign up for our neighborhood mailings and learn how together we can achieve our shared goals.



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