Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association (SESNA)

If you live, work, or own property in the Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association (SESNA), you’re already a member. SESNA is located in a beautiful, historic area of Salem and was designated as Salem’s second Heritage Neighborhood by the Salem Historic Landmarks Commission in 2015. The neighbors work together and volunteer to enhance the quality of life, beauty, and safety of the neighborhood. You can help make a difference where you live. Sign up for their neighborhood mailings and get involved.

SESNA is roughly bordered by State Street on the North, I-5 on the East; from I-5 it goes West along Mission Street, South on 25th St, see the neighborhood map for more details.

In addition to its parks and schools, this neighborhood contains State offices, Salem-Keizer School District offices, the Willamette Heritage Center, the Salem Train Station and Freight Depot, about 500 businesses, four churches, historic buildings, and more than 2,000 houses dating from the late 1800s. 

Three volunteers at park cleaning.