Fairview URA Grant Program

Salem offers a matching grant program in the Fairview Urban Renewal Area (URA) to help finance the construction of a new building, or building additions, or investments in permanent manufacturing equipment and associated building improvements to aid in business operations.

Overview information

Fairview Urban Renewal Area Overview

Maximum Grant Amount: $300,000

Grant Requirement:

  • 20% matching grant toward eligible projects
  • New building addition, construction of a new building, or an increase in building utility through a building remodel for manufacturing purposes
  • Investment must remain in the district for at least 10 years
  • Grant funds may not be applied to costs incurred prior to the grant award.

* Grant requirements may vary based on the grant amount

Eligible Recipient:

  • Fee title property owners
  • Business owner tenants with written authorization from the building owner to conduct building improvements

* Tax-exempt property and businesses are not eligible for grant funds

Eligible Projects:

  • New building additions, new building construction, or remodeling for new manufacturing equipment that increases the utility of the building
  • Building site must be located in the Fairview URA and the building uses must be industrial or commercial
  • Permanent interior and exterior building construction (grant funds may not be used for demolition or the installation of items of a non-permanent nature that could be removed from the building or URA)
  • Permanent equipment that is large and affixed to the grounds or building to improve manufacturing productivity

Grant documents

Fairview Urban Renewal Area Grant Application