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Sell Christmas Trees

Couple Picking a Christmas TreeChristmas tree sales are allowed without a permit only in zones where retail sales are allowed without a permit. You need a temporary use permit to sell Christmas trees in residential zones. You can find your property zone online or call the Planning office.

No Permit Required

You do not need a permit in the following zones for Christmas tree sales:

  • CR (Retail Commercial) Zone
  • CG (General Commercial) Zone
  • IC (Industrial Commercial) Zone
  • CB (Central Business District) Zone
  • SWMU (South Waterfront Mixed Use) Zone
  • FMU (Fairview Mixed Use) Zone, in certain areas
  • NCMU (Neighborhood Center Mixed Use) Zone, in certain areas

Special Requirement on Commercial Street SE South of Kuebler Boulevard

Outdoor display and storage of merchandise, including Christmas trees, is not allowed within 50 feet of the right-of-way of Commercial Street SE on properties within the South Gateway Overlay Zone [SRC 630.015(b)]. The South Gateway Overlay Zone includes properties on both sides of Commercial Street SE from Kuebler Boulevard south to I-5. On these properties, Christmas tree sales may occur so long as the display, storage, and sales of the trees is set back at least 50 feet from the right-of-way of Commercial Street SE. Please contact a planner if you are unsure whether this requirement applies to your property.

Temporary Use Permit Required

You need a temporary use permit to sell Christmas trees in the following zones:

  • RA (Residential Agriculture) Zone
  • RS (Single Family Residential) Zone
  • RD (Duplex Residential) Zone
  • RM-I (Multiple Family Residential 1) Zone
  • RM-II (Multiple Family Residential 2) Zone
  • RH (High-Rise Residential) Zone
  • CN (Neighborhood Commercial) Zone
  • CO (Commercial Office) Zone

Apply for a Temporary Use Permit

You need to apply in person at the Permit Application Center by bringing the following:

  • A completed application, including the signature of the property owner
  • Copy of the property deed
  • A site plan showing where the Christmas tree sales areas will be located on the property
  • Payment of the permit fee

Christmas tree sales may be conducted in the location authorized under a temporary use permit only during the months of November and December.

Christmas trees sales located on street corners cannot block required traffic vision clearance areas. Christmas tree sales cannot displace required off-street parking spaces, if located in a parking lot.

Electricity, Tents and Signs Require Additional Permits

If your Christmas tree sales area includes signs, tents or temporary power poles, you may need additional permits.