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Please remember: Raking or blowing leaves into the street is prohibited by SRC 76.015. You can place leaves from your yard in your yard debris cart for weekly pick-up or take them to the annual Fall Leaf Haul, a free leaf disposal event.Street sweeper2-rgb-1600x1067-web

Are you wondering when you should move your vehicle to make way for the street sweeper? Now you can check the map below to learn if the street sweeper is heading to your neighborhood today or tomorrow. You'll also be able to learn when the street sweeper last cleaned your street just by clicking on the route for your address.

In the map below, simply click on the magnifying glass icon and enter your address. Your route will be spotlighted, including information about when it was last swept. Click on the list icon to learn what each of the color-coded fields mean.

Most street sweeper routes are completed in order by number around once a month. Streets that have more heavy leaf debris are cleaned more during leaf season. They are also likely to get a visit from the leaf crew, which is a separate operation.

Generally, sweepers run Monday through Friday. They don't run weekends, holidays or garbage pick-up days on your route. Special circumstances that can also disrupt or delay regular sweeping include:

  • urgent clean-up needs like spills and glass
  • equipment breakdowns, and
  • staff shortages due to illness, vacation or hiring needs.

Arterial roadways (for example, Pine, Commercial, Liberty, Lancaster, etc.) aren't swept on the same schedule as neighborhood routes. They are swept by night sweeper operators. The downtown area is also swept on a different schedule.

Also, the leaf crew will not sweep every street within a route. They focus on areas with heavy leaf drop.

Streets we generally don't sweep include:

  • private streets or private property
  • unimproved streets (generally, only curbed streets are swept
  • streets in unincorporated Salem (outside city limits)