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Salem Police Department Hiring Process

The Salem Police Department’s hiring process for sworn officers is a competitive selection process.

You must successfully complete all 10 steps to be hired.

Step 1: Written test

Salem Police contracts with the National Testing Network (NTN) for the written and physical portion of the selection process.  

Applicants will view a series of job-related videos and answer multiple choice questions based on each video. You must score at least 70 percent on the video portion of the test to get an interview.

You must also take a 12th-grade-level reading and writing test, which is scored for grammar, content, accuracy, and composition. Take a practice test.

Step 2: Physical fitness test

You must successfully complete a physical fitness test in order to become a police officer with the Salem Police Department. All applicants must pass the Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT) before the closing date of the process.

Applicants must complete the ORPAT in 6 minutes or less to pass the initial testing process. However, applicants must complete the ORPAT in 5 minutes 30 seconds or less in order to pass the Police Academy and maintain employment.

Watch a video demonstration of the Oregon Physical Abilities Test.

Step 3: Application

 All applicants must complete an application with the City of Salem.

Step 4: In-person interview

Applicants will be asked job-specific questions in front of a panel of evaluators during a structured interview.

Step 5: Integrity interview and pre-offer, non-medical and psychological testing

A trained investigator will ask questions relating to virtually every aspect of your life and use the information to assist in conducting a background investigation. Applicants will complete a non-medical Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) and the California Psychological Inventory Suitability Assessment (CPI) and it will be evaluated by a psychologist.

Step 6: Conditional offer of employment

A conditional offer of employment is extended pending successful passing of a background investigation, physical examination, and psychological examination.

Step 7: Background investigation

The background investigation will thoroughly examine all aspects of your personal and professional life. All academic, professional, legal, military, and personal records are obtained, verified, and examined. This includes:

  • Credit history including tax records
  • Criminal history
  • Driving history
  • Military service
  • Personal history and reference
  • Residence history
  • Social media footprint
  • Work history and references

Step 8: Physical examination

Medical exams will be performed by Kaiser Permanente Occupational Health. Candidates may self-schedule their exam at any Kaiser location in Oregon.

  • Drug screen
  • Eye exam
  • Hearing exam
  • Physical exam

Step 9: Psychological examination

A psychological examination will be performed by a police psychologist.

Step 10: Final job offer

Only after steps 1 through 9 have been successfully completed may a final job offer be extended.