Salem Police Traffic Team
333 Division St. NE
Salem, OR 97301

503-588-6439 (TTY/TDD)

Tools to Help Stop Unsafe Driving


Help keep Salem’s streets safe.

If you witness a traffic violation or notice frequent problems in an area, such as drivers speeding down your street, you can help stop unsafe driving using the following tools.

Submit a traffic report
Report traffic violations you have witnessed on our citizen traffic report form. We will send the owner of the vehicle a letter saying a violation was witnessed. The letter will include the possible fine the driver would receive if a citation had been issued. You will remain anonymous.

Contact the Traffic Team
Send an email message about the traffic problem occurring. Include the location and description of the traffic issue happening. Sharing your concerns will help us prepare and carry out traffic enforcement plans.

Request a radar reader board
Radar reader boards can be placed in locations where speeding complaints are reported. The reader boards show drivers how fast they are going and what the speed limit is. Drivers will see if they are driving too fast and have an opportunity to slow down. Data collected by the units, such as time of day and speed, is used by the Traffic Team to decide if additional enforcement is needed. Call the traffic complaint line at 503-588-6293, and select option 2, to request a reader board on your street. Include your name, phone number, location of concern, and indicate the direction of travel of the drivers who are speeding.