Volunteer with Your Local Police Department

The gift of your skills and expertise helps our department maximize resources. Join the more than 100 volunteers of the Salem Police Department.

Applicant requirements

Anyone interested in volunteering with Salem Police must complete a volunteer application and meet some basic application requirements.

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Interview with the volunteer coordinator
  • Submit to and pass a criminal history background check

Once the applicant is accepted, the volunteer must:

  • Abide by the City of Salem’s drug-free policy 
  • Comply with confidentiality provisions and police policies
  • Commit to volunteering a minimum of eight hours per month for six month

Some positions have additional requirements and training. These details are shared with you at the time of your interview.

Volunteer positions

Although not all positions may be open, review our volunteer assignments to see which best matches with your skills and availability.

Administrative Assistant
Day to day organization duties are essential in any office environment. Your responsibilities involve assisting with typing, filing, making phone calls and other computer-related work.

Disabled Parking Patrol
Help conserve the access to parking spaces designated for disabled motorists. Volunteers patrol the city to enforce by citation the state statute on disabled parking. The duties also include record-keeping and court testimony responsibilities.

Domestic Violence Response Team
The Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) is designed to provide 24-hr immediate on-scene crisis intervention to victims of domestic and/or sexual violence and stalking in Salem. The goal of DVRT is to increase victim safety and raise offender accountability through the work of our victim advocates, ultimately helping to reduce repeated incidents of domestic abuse within the same household. Volunteer victim advocates for DVRT go through a 30-hr specialized training, sign-up for pager shifts, and respond directly on-scene with law enforcement to provide victims with crisis-intervention, information, resources, safety planning, and support.

Graffiti Removal
Keep Salem beautiful by helping to remove graffiti in our community. The job involves getting rid of graffiti on public property using various methods. You would also help keep track of the vandalism by take pictures of the graffiti damage.

Radar Reader Board
Excessive speed can be a problematic in some areas of the city. To help calm the traffic issue, volunteers set up a mobile radar board at various locations on a given route. Knowledge of hauling equipment and general maintenance is a plus.

Security Survey Team
Crime prevention begins with deterring it and that’s just what these volunteers do by evaluating homes and businesses for security weaknesses. Volunteers receive special training to provide this service to the community.

Squad Car Maintenance Team
Basic vehicle inspection is important for our patrol fleet. From ensuring vehicle lights function properly to restocking supplies, these team members help to make sure all patrol rigs are ready to respond to any scene.

Vacation Home Check or the Volunteer Bike Patrol
Play a part in the safety of our community by volunteering for either of these active programs which help to increase the safety of our community. The vacation home check volunteers are trained to patrol the areas of vacationing Salem residents, while volunteer bike patrol members put the brakes on potential crime downtown. Each group is taught to identify suspicious circumstances, then observe and report those situations to patrol officers.