Homeowner’s Associations

Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) are different from the City’s 18 independent Neighborhood Associations, although the City does not govern either type of association.

A Homeowner’s Association is a private association that includes home owners in a specific residential subdivision. Membership in an HOA is mandatory and generally requires a membership fee for each homeowner. Members of the HOA develop rules and standards for the community appearance of properties and the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Associations are independent organizations covering a large geographic boundary. Membership is open to all residents, property owners and business owners within the neighborhood association and there is no fee to join. The City often collaborates with neighborhood associations to improve the livability of the the community.

HOA Location Resources

If you want to find the HOA for a specific property:

  • Contact the county recorder’s office
  • Contact a title company (You may have to pay for a title search)
  • Contact AssociationOnline for assistance