Support Your Community. Donate to the Emergency Utility Assistance Program Today!

Whether it’s a small gesture or a more substantial contribution, every donation counts. Together we can create a safety net for those facing a financial heardship within our community. 

Help for Families in Need

Your donation helps community members in times of need. We understand the challenges those in our community face, especially during unforeseen situations. The Emergency Utility Assistance Program provides vital support to those experiencing short-term financial hardship, medical emergencies, or other critical situations. Your generosity can make a significant difference and will directly impact the lives of those in need.

When customers are in need, we refer them to local social service agencies who determine eligibility for the program and make arrangements for assistance. Payment is made directly to eligible customers' utility accounts from the emergency utility assistance fund so they immediately receive the help they need.

How to Donate

Donating to the Emergency Utility Assistance Program is easy. You can make a one-time donation in any amount or donate $5 or more monthly. The program is voluntary, and your kind gift may also be tax deductible. However, check with your tax preparer to make sure.

To donate, simply fill out the Utility Assistance Program Donation Form and mail it to us with your donation.

Monthly Donations

If you choose to make an ongoing donation, please fill out the Utility Assistance Program Donation Form and mail it to us to set up the monthly plan. You will receive a monthly invoice for the donation amount. You can also easily pay online, you will need the customer number and address code from the top of your monthly donation invoice.