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The City of Salem and property owners share the responsibility of repairing and maintaining public sidewalks. Full details about sidewalk repair and maintenance can be found in Chapter 78 of the Salem Revised Code.

City of Salem responsibilities

The City of Salem has the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain sidewalks constructed prior to 1992, until such time that the sidewalk has been certified as meeting acceptable standards of the City, at which time the responsibility transitions to the owner of the adjacent property.
  • Repair sidewalks when a City-owned tree has caused damage to the sidewalk.
  • Maintain all corner curb ramps.

Report a damaged sidewalk

To report a sidewalk in need of repair or maintenance, contact Public Works Dispatch by phone or email. When submitting a report online, please include the following information:

  • Location
    • Address/hundred block and street name
    • Nearest cross street
  • Description of the damage
  • Photo of the damage, if you have one
  • Any additional information
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

After we receive your report, staff will visit the site of concern to assess the hazard (missing, broken or lifted sidewalk sections), spalling concrete, the slope of sidewalk, and whether the sidewalk is on near a park, school, or other frequented community service. This hazard assessment score helps prioritize sidewalk repair and replacement projects.

Sidewalk repair schedule

Factors such as weather and complexity of the repair affect the scheduling of repair work. Therefore, City staff are only able to provide a general estimate as to when work will be completed for a particular neighborhood. Work with a higher priority or criticality can affect the repair work schedule.

When funding is available, the City of Salem may enlist the services of a contractor to assist in bringing the City’s sidewalk network up to acceptable standards.

Property owner responsibilities

Property owners have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain sidewalks constructed after 1992, or sidewalks that have been certified as meeting acceptable standards of the City.
  • Maintain all walkways and driveways between the curb line and the property line.
  • Report dangerous conditions in the sidewalk, including those caused by trees in public rights-of-way.
  • Keep sidewalks clear of construction materials, vehicles, debris, vegetation, snow, and ice at all times.

Requirements for repairing sidewalks

As a property owner, you can repair a damaged sidewalk yourself or have a contractor do the work. However, a sidewalk repair permit and a sidewalk closure (work in right-of-way) permit are required. These permits can be obtained at no cost to the property owner or contractor. The permits ensure the repair work is inspected by the City, ensuring the repairs meet the City standards.

How to apply for permits

You can apply for both sidewalk permits at the same time, using just one form.

  1. Download the appropriate sidewalk closure form.
  2. Fill it out and submit it to the Public Works Department, Development Services, along with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your phone number
    • Your email address
    • The date(s) you want to close the sidewalk for repair
    • Reason for sidewalk closure: Repair
  3. You may submit the information by mail, by email, or in person; call if you have questions.

A permit specialist will process your request and assist you. They will provide additional information with your permits, including how to schedule an inspection. Instead of calling a sidewalk repair hotline, contact the Public Works Department to learn more about the permits needed to repair a sidewalk and how to obtain them.