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Apply for a Residential District Parking Permit

gaiety hill residential parking sign onlyIf you live within a residential parking district, and you wish to use on-street parking for yourself or your guests during the monitored hours, you must obtain a residential parking permit. Monitored hours vary from district to district.

The residential parking permit program was established to address the high demand for parking in residential areas throughout Salem. The program prohibits non-residents from parking for extended lengths of time and establishes rules for residential parking.

How to Apply for a Residential Parking Permit

You can apply for a residential parking permit in person at the Permit Application Center by bringing the following:

  • Payment for the parking permit fee
  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Current proof of residency (one of the following):
    • Photo ID with current address
    • Vehicle registration with current address
    • Documentation from registrar’s office (Willamette University students)
    • Lease or rental agreement
    • Utility bill

You can also email an application form to Upon acceptance of the application and proof of address, you will receive an email directing you to pay online on the PAC Portal. When the application is approved you will be notified on how to get your passes.

Display Permit

Valid residential permits must be displayed on the left rear bumper or left rear window of the registered vehicle.

Guest Passes

Guest passes are available if you are visiting residences of designated residential parking districts. Each residence is allowed a maximum of three annual guest passes with the purchase of a residential permit. Annual guest passes are issued upon request at the time of the original application and are valid for one year from the date of issuance.

Guest passes may only be used while the guest is at the home of the resident. They cannot be used for the purpose of work or school.

People who live in a residential district may purchase 25 one-day passes for:

  • Visitors
  • Volunteers
  • Individuals providing care

How to Renew a Residential Parking Permit

You will receive permit renewal paperwork by mail. You can renew your permit:

  • Online at
  • By mail, including all appropriate paperwork in the envelope you receive
  • In person at the Permit Application Center

It is your responsibility to renew your permit before the expiration date.