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Create or Expand a Residential Parking District

cars parallel parked on streetA Residential Parking District (RPD) is designed to help limit the traffic and parking concerns in residential areas with limited on-street parking. If you live within a residential parking district, and you wish to use on-street parking for yourself or your guests during the monitored hours, you must get a residential parking permit.

In order to request the creation or expansion of a RPD, both the following conditions must be met:

  • 25% of the average number of commuter vehicles parking on your street must exceed the total number of spaces available
    • Example: 50 total on-street parking spaces, 13 of the 50 spaces are occupied by vehicles
  • 75% of the parking spaces are occupied Monday through Friday on a daily basis
    • Example: 50 total on-street parking spaces, 38 of the 50 spaces are occupied daily Monday through Friday

Request Process

Allow 90 - 120 days to process a request. The actual processing timeline may be different based on the type of requests and number of residents impacted by the proposed change.

To create or expand an RPD:

  • Contact Public Works to confirm if street is located within an RPD.
  • Document neighborhood input on the City Petition Form provided by Public Works, or provide individual emails/letters from neighborhood residents demonstrating support for the request.
  • Attend a neighborhood association meeting and provide information on the RPD needs and solicit input on the project.
  • Submit the following items to Public Works:
    • Location maps/street information outlining the boundary/area of the proposed RPD
    • City Petition Form
    • Neighborhood association comments
    • Communications from residents to Public Works staff

Staff Review

Upon receiving the required documentation, Traffic Engineering staff will verify the following information:

  • Requested area is primarily residential
  • 75% or more of the parking spaces are occupied
  • 75% of the affected neighbors and the neighborhood association support the creation/expansion of the RPD


If 51-74% of the affected neighbors and the neighborhood association support the request, the requested area will be posted for public comments. Following public comments, the request could be:

When the RPD request is approved, Public Works signs will be installed and a new RPD will be created.


The request will be denied if the neighborhood association does not support the request, or if less than 50% of the affected neighbors support the request.