Apply for a Parking Permit

tow zone for cars without a permitYou must apply with the Permit Application Center to get a parking permit.

Parking Structure Parking Permits

You can get one of the following types of parking permits for a surface lot or parking structure:

  • Daily
  • Part-time* (see additional information)
  • Monthly (charged a one-time processing and automation fee)

A downtown resident who wants to park in a downtown parkade will need to purchase a permit effective July 1, 2019.

*Employees who work less than 25 hours per week are eligible for a part-time parking permit at a lower rate. A letter from your employer verifying your work hours must be submitted when you apply for your permit.

Parking permits are subject to availability and do not guarantee you a spot to park.

Apply in person at the Customer Service Center by providing the following:

  • Payment for the parking permit fee
  • Photo ID
  • Vehicle license plate number (required for monthly permits)

Apply online by submitting a facility parking permit application to

Employees of Salem businesses must also provide their employer contact information.

You will receive a copy of the parking policies when you get your permit.

Pay Your Parking Permit

There are several options to pay for your parking permit.

Cancel a Parking Permit

Parking permits must be cancelled in writing by email or in person at the Permit Application Center. The pass holder must cancel by the fifth of the month to avoid responsibility for the current month’s invoice.

Update Contact and Vehicle Information

If your address changes or you change vehicles, be sure to email the Customer Services Center with your name, permit number and the new information.

Additional Permit Options

Besides standard parking structure and parkade permits, the following special types of parking permits are available:

Permitted Parking Locations Map

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