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Library Meeting and Study Room Policy



The Salem Public Library has public meeting and study rooms for programming, community, and City use. The meeting and study rooms are part of the Library’s mission, operations, and Code of Conduct. The Library has created this policy to ensure safe and fair access and use. The policy is also guided by Articles V and VI of the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights:

V. A person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views. 
VI. Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. 

Guidelines for Meeting and Study Rooms Use

  • All meeting room groups and users must follow the Salem Public Library Code of Conduct (Administrative Rule No. 101-01), as well as local, state, or federal laws and regulations. 
  • Meeting room fees are set by Salem City Council. Commercial uses of the meeting rooms have different fees from non-commercial uses. In order to receive the non-commercial rate, meetings and events must meet all of the following criteria:
    • The sponsoring/organizing group or individual is not a for-profit business. Only 501©3 non-profit, not-for-profit community groups, and government organizations will be given the non-commercial rate; and
    • The meeting or event does not include any sale of items or services, potential future sale of items or services, or collecting of donations; and
    • The meeting or event must be free and open to any member of the public who wishes to attend.
  • Library staff must always be able to see into and enter the rooms and may enter the meeting rooms at any time. 
  • Room users may eat and drink (drinks must be covered). Users must clean up food packaging and other garbage. 
  • Smoking or vaping is not allowed anywhere within the Library. 
  • Possessing, consuming, distributing, or selling any alcoholic beverage or marijuana product is not permitted anywhere within the library.
  • Meeting and study room users may not: 
    • Block Library entrances, 
    • Yell at or intimidate Library visitors, 
    • Create noise at levels that disturbs other users, 
    • Block streets or sidewalks, 
    • Approach people using the library asking them to buy things, take information, or sign petitions, 
    • Interfere with Library operations or any other patrons’ use of the Library. 
  • Meeting and study room users must follow all posted guidelines for how many people are allowed in the room. Users may not add chairs, tables, or other furniture. Moving into other Library spaces is not allowed.
  • The person who rented the room is expected to be at the meeting or event during the entire rental period and is responsible for making sure all rules are followed.
  • Meeting and study room groups and users who violate the Library Code of Conduct may be asked to leave Library. If someone who has been excluded from the Library doesn’t leave then they may be arrested for trespassing due to Salem Revised Code (SRC) 95.550

Meeting Room Closing Checklist 

Before leaving the Library meeting rooms, all users must:

  • Place trash in available trash cans. If trash overflows cans, the user is to pull out the bag, tie it up, and put a new bag in place. (Extra bags can be found at the bottom of cans.) Place full used bags near the trash cans.
  • Wipe tables and chairs and clean up any spills using the cleaning supplies found in a basket in the room.
  • Sweep or vacuum floor using tools in the room.
  • Remove all personal items and technology. Any items left behind will be put in the Library’s lost and found.
  • Stop at the Ask Here on Floor 1 to tell Library staff that the meeting room is empty and  return the keycard. 

Checking Out from Meeting and Study Rooms 

  • Users and groups must leave the meeting rooms 30 minutes and study rooms 15 minutes before the Library closes. 
  • There will be a minimum charge of $25 if cleaning the room requires staff time. 
  • Users will be charged for the cost of repair or replacement if facilities or equipment are damaged. 

Meeting Room Reservations

  • Applications to reserve a Library meeting room may be completed online, by phone, or in person.
  • An application does not guarantee approval.
  • Reservations will be confirmed when the group pays for the room. Payments can be made online or by alternate arrangement with library administration.
  • Reservations must be made no more than six months and no fewer than seven days in advance.
  • Meeting rooms can be reserved once per week for up to four hours at a time. Users may contact library administration if more time is required.
  • A separate reservation must be made and confirmed for each event.
  • The Library must be notified in writing of a cancellation at least 48 hours before reservation start time. If a user doesn’t inform the Library of a cancellation, the user gives up the rental fee.


Parking passes are not included in room rentals. Main Library parking is available in the metered areas of the Library parking garage and lot. The first three hours of parking are free. After three hours, parking is charged at a rate set by Salem City Council. Library parking meters are enforced from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Monday through Saturday. Meeting room users at the West Salem Branch should park close to the Library in the shared parking lot with Roth's Hospitality Center.        

Library Use of Meeting Rooms

Salem Public Library staff may schedule meeting rooms for Library and City of Salem events at any time and are not restricted to the six-month window. Exceptions to the six-month scheduling window will also be made for library-affiliated groups including: the Library Advisory Board, the Salem Public Library Foundation, the Friends of Salem Public Library, the Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library System (CCRLS), the State Library of Oregon, and the Oregon Library Association, including its divisions and round tables.             

Library Partnership Statement

The Salem Public Library pursues a limited number of partnerships for programs and events. Partnerships must bring value to the community and align with the Library’s mission. Partnership is defined as Library-hosted programs coordinated and staffed by Library staff working with an outside entity (Partner) in Library facilities, supported and co-marketed by the Library. Library staff will be present at any partnership event. Agreements between the Library and its partners must benefit all parties. These relationships should further the Library's goals in one or more of the following ways: 

  1. Increase Library visibility in the community
  2. Support Library activities, services, events and programs 
  3. Enhance or create ways to respond to identified community needs   

Endorsement and Marketing 

  • Publicity for an event by groups using the meeting spaces must not be presented in a way that implies Salem Public Library support. Unless part of a partnership agreement with the Salem Public Library, all printed and electronic advertisements and notifications for meetings and events held in library spaces must include the statement: "This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the Salem Public Library."
  • Flyers, posters, billboards, and other related event marketing materials may be posted only on the designated community information bulletin boards. Signs may not be posted on Library doors, windows, entryway walls or elsewhere on library property. Unapproved signage will be removed. 
  • Identifying signs may be placed in the 8.5x11 plastic holders provided on the doors of the meeting rooms during the reservation. 
  • Soliciting, petitioning, distributing written materials or canvassing for any purpose is not permitted within the library. 
  • The Salem Public Library will not advertise or promote room rental events held in meeting rooms via its print or digital information channels.   


All of persons and groups applying to rent a Salem Public Library Meeting Room must agree to hold harmless and indemnify the City of Salem from any and all liability for injury to persons or property occurring as a result of rental activity, and agree to be liable to said City for any and all damage to any facility, building, equipment, and furniture owned or controlled by the City which results from the activity or applicant or is caused by any participant in said activity. Each applicant shall be fully responsible for the physical condition in which the facility is left. The Library is not responsible for items left unattended. The Library will not secure patron items in any Library spaces. The expenses resulting from any damage or maintenance which is above the normal level of service shall be charged to the applicant. Failure of the applicant to meet this obligation within 30 days billing will be cause for cancellation of future privileges, as well as legal action.   

Study Room Specifics 

In general, this policy applies to meeting rooms and study rooms where applicable. This section calls out some requirements unique to the study rooms. 

  • The Salem Public Library has six general use study rooms (five at the Main Library and one at the West Salem Branch) that are available to the public free of charge during library open hours. 
  • Study rooms can be reserved up to one week in advance online, via telephone, or in person on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Users may use the study rooms for up to two hours, once per day, either individually or as part of a group. 
  • Reservations may be cancelled if a user has not arrived within 15 minutes after the start time. 
  • Recurring reservations are not permitted. 
  • During study room use, doors must remain unlocked and lights turned on. 
  • Study rooms are not soundproof. Playing musical instruments is not allowed. Users must wear headphones when listening to music or other electronic audio. 
  • Study rooms are not secure, and the Library is not responsible for items left unattended. 
  • All study room groups and users are subject to the Salem Public Library Code of Conduct (Administrative Rule No. 101-01), as well as local, state, or federal laws and regulations. 
  • Users must be prepared to leave promptly at the end of their reservation time. 
  • Study rooms must be empty 15 minutes before the library closes.   

Teen Scene Study Room 

There is one study room in the Teen Scene at the Main Library that is available for use only by middle and high school aged youth and only during Teen Scene open hours. Other rules for the Teen Scene study room are the same with one exception: playing musical instruments is allowed.


Administrative Rule No. 101-03

Adopted: 3/15/2022 

Effective: 3/15/2022