Volunteer at the Library

Volunteers help make Salem Public Library a great place to play, learn, and grow. We are grateful to the volunteers who support us, helping at special events, shelving books, pulling holds, repairing materials, and more.

Due to a high volume of applications and the loyalty and hard work of our current volunteers, Salem Public Library is temporarily suspending the volunteer application process. The application link will be restored when we have the capacity to accept new applications.

We have a two-part process for applying to volunteer at the library.

Step 1: Online Volunteer Orientation
Please watch this 5-minute presentation video to learn more about volunteering at Salem Public Library. You can click “pause” on any of the slides if you need more time to read the information!


Step 2: Online Application

The online application will return at a later date. No application can be accepted at this time.

You may also have learned from our Online Volunteer Orientation that the volunteer activity that interests you may require a different kind of application process. Here are some links to those partners, if you wish to reach out to them: