Salem Public Library
585 Liberty St. SE
Salem, OR 97301


Library Fines and Fees

Due Dates

When items are checked out, you are given a printed slip that includes due date information. It is also possible to check due dates by:

  • Visiting “My Account” in the Library’s catalog online
  • Requesting an emailed receipt at check-out


Salem Public Library is fine-free as of July 1, 2022. Overdue fines will no longer be charged for books and other items owned by Salem Public Library. 

Fees will continue to be charged for the full replacement cost for books and other items that are not returned within 21 days of the due date and for items too damaged to continue to be used. Returning an item that has been moved to “lost” status will clear the fee.

As in the past, library cards will be blocked from use when lost and damaged fees exceed $50.

Paying Fees

Library fees, including charges for lost and damaged items, can be paid at the Comprise kiosks near the Ask Here desks on Floor 1 and Floor 2 of the library. These fees can also be paid online through SmartPay Online. You will need your library account number and PIN in order to use SmartPay Online.

Lost and Damaged Items

You are responsible for all items checked out to you.

Damaged Items

Library items should be returned in the condition in which they were checked out. If they are returned with major damage, you will be asked to pay the original cost of the item plus a $5 processing fee. Examples of major damage include:

  • Items are wet from water or drink damage
  • Chewed by a dog
  • Pages or pictures are cut out

Stolen or Lost Items

An item is assumed lost if it is more than 21 days overdue. The cost of the lost item is then charged to your account along with a $5 processing fee.

If an item is stolen, you can check with your insurance provider to determine if your coverage includes the cost of the theft. Report the theft to the police.

The cost of a lost and paid item may be refundable if the item is returned in good condition. The Library does not accept the replacement of lost items unless a librarian has agreed to the exchange in advance.

If you believe you have returned an item that is still on your account, please email with the following information:

  • Cardholder name and/or library card barcode (should be 14 digits and begin 231600)
  • Item title and barcode (should be 14 digits and begin with 336100)
  • When and/or where you believe you returned the item.

The Library will respond as soon as possible.